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The Bricks School

(an initiative to educate the children of migrant brick kiln workers in Chaksu area of Jaipur district, Rajasthan)

According to 2001 census more than 12,62,570 children were working in the age group 5-14 years in Rajasthan. Brick industries are a hazardous industry because it produces lot of dust in the work place. The children who work in brick industries are the children of migrant laborers; they accompany their parents to the brick chambers and help their parents in their work. In the survival struggle parents do not bother about children’s education.

Looking into the seriousness of the problem Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj did a pilot project with the migrant children in five of the brick kilns about 10 kms. east of Chaksu town in Jaipur district.

1. Mahadev Brick Kiln

2. Komal Brick Kiln

3. Maya Brick Kiln

4. LBT Brick Kiln

5. LBU Brick Kiln

The results were very encouraging and the following observations were made.

  • During six months (in Mahadev Brick Kiln) and four months (at Komal, Maya, LBT, LBU Brick Kilns) of non formal school at the brick kiln about 175 children in the age group 6-10 participated in 3 hours class (2-5 pm).

  • Most of the students were illiterate and during the short span of four months they were able to write Hindi and English alphabets and do some calculations.

  • The parents showed interest in sending their children to the class.

  • The students also responded positively to the class.

  • One of the main hurdles was the difference in the dialect of the teacher and the student. The teacher spoke local/Hindi while the children spoke their local dialect. But this was overcome shortly.

  • Six teachers were posted in these schools depending upon the no. of students. One teacher was available for approximately 30 students.

  • The schools are closed during the rainy season as most of the labors have left for their native place in the beginning of June. They will come back after Diwali i.e. around October-November.

Apart from this, a quick a survey was done on 15 brick kilns in and around Garudwasi area of Chaksu block (Jaipur district) to study the status of migrant population working in these brick kilns. The details are as follows:

·    Most of the labour which is working here is from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. U.P. – Bareli, Shahbad, Rudrapur, Mohowa, Banda, Bilaspur, Pilibhit, Barabanki, Farukhabad. Rajasthan – Sawai Madhopur, Mandawari, Dausa. Madhya Pradesh – Chattarpur,

·     No. of families is 625, male – 624, female – 600. Total – 1224.

·     Literate male – 165 (26%), literate female – 58 (10%)

·     No. of illiterate people interested in adult education – male – 128 (20%), female – 42 (7%).

·     All the 15 brick kiln owners have given permission to open school in their premises; they have promised that they will give space to open school. No other support is expected from them. 3 owners have refused to give permission as a result their survey was not done.

·     Status of children at brick kilns:

o   Less than 4 years – 311 (22 children per brick kiln).

o   Between 4 to 10 years – 583 (42 children per brick kiln).

o   Between 4 to 10 years who have gone to school – 108 (8 children per brick kiln).

o   Out of the above (between 4 to 10 years who have gone to school) how many are literate – 60 (4 children per brick kiln).

o   Children more than 10 years of age – 215 (15 children per brick kiln).

·     All the parents are ready to send their children to school if school is opened for them.

·     All the brick kilns have government schools near their place of residence. 7 schools are 0.5 kms, 7 schools are about 1 km and 1 school is 1.5 kms away.

·     Out of 15 government schools in the area, 9 schools are upto class 5 (out of which 2 are Sanskrit schools), 6 schools are upto class 8.

If you are interested in supporting this project kindly contact:

Dr. Amit Kumar      Email: kigs_in@yahoo.com , kigs_in@rediffmail.com


Vishal Sharma      Email: v_sharma78@yahoo.com , vishal01_sharma@hotmail.com


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